Additional Features of the Z-Tech™ HVLS Fan

Additional Features of a Z-Tech™ HVLS Fan

“Eye of the Hurricane” or “Dead Zone” is what those in the fan industry tend to refer to the area directly under the center of the fan as there is no air movement in that immediate area under many other HVLS fans. Go Fan Yourself has also been able to remove the “dead zone” area in the center of the fan with our pitched hub design. Cooling and de-stratification effects are felt with more uniformity and there is no more fighting for the best spot!

The Z-Tech™ Fan is paired with a “state of the art” ABB Controller with a removable pad. The controller is capable of linking to building automation systems (highly customizable) and can be installed up to 300 feet away from the fan. The controller can also run 25 fans from a single location with the deepest heat sink in the industry which extends both the life of the controller and driver.

100% Made in the USA! We are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on the blades and hub and mounting system, along with a 15-year warranty on the motor, gearbox and controller. That’s how strongly we believe in the reliability of our product. Who are YOU going to trust??

We are so proud of our technology and would like you to experience all the benefits of a Z-Tech™ Fan. Our customer’s highest satisfaction is our ultimate goal –you deserve the BEST! Join us and be CUTTING EDGE!

Take the Go Fan Yourself “Big Fan Challenge” to see and feel the GFY difference and prepare to be blown away. Yes, we are different…. And that’s really COOL!