Can Ceiling Fans Be Sexy?

Can Ceiling Fans Be Sexy?

Let’s talk fans. Industrial ceiling fans.

What, you say? You were hoping for something a little more … exotic?

OK, how about this: They’re big, they’re orange, and they’ll blow away any limiting beliefs you might have about just how cool a fan can be.

7 Reasons Our HVLS Fans Are Seriously Sexy

Let’s take a closer look at why so many people in a wide variety of industries are getting excited about our Z-Tech and TAZ fans:

They’re healthy. With up to 425,000 CFM of airflow output and up to 40,000 square feet of de-stratification coverage, stale and stagnant air doesn’t stand a chance against our state-of-the-art industrial fans. Clean air is essential for healthy bodies. Chances are your employees will notice the difference in their breathing once they have the chance to work under a Go Fan Yourself fan. Animals appreciate clean air, too, which is why our fans are enjoying ever-increasing popularity in agricultural applications from dairy and poultry operations to riding arenas.
They’re fresh. High humidity can create serious problems in any large structure. It is especially prone to causing problems in buildings where people congregate (such as recreational centers, theaters and large retail stores) and in food service and preparation applications (such as restaurants and processing plants). Our fans are capable of continuous, high-volume air movement to remove accumulated moisture — and with it, unpleasant odors and adverse conditions such as mold and mildew growth.
They’re gentle. With such a high volume of air, some would think our big fans might create distracting and unpleasant drafts. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Both the Z-Tech fan and the TAZ fan are designed to move large amounts of air at low speeds. This allows for effective airflow without creating discomfort, even in a theater, restaurant or other sophisticated location.
They’re wired. With our state-of-the-art ABB controller, you can run up to 25 fans from a single location, up to 300 feet away. The system is Ethernet compatible and can be linked to existing building automation systems.
They’re eco. Saving money is definitely sexy, and so is saving the planet. With their super-efficient operation, our fans do both. The Z-Tech fan boasts low, 3.15-amp power consumption, and the TAZ fan has been shown to blow away heating and cooling costs by up to 40 percent.
They’re cool. Imagine your warehouse or other large facility feeling 10 degrees cooler with very little energy input. Our large industrial ceiling fans destratify the air and create an evaporative cooling effect that makes a huge difference to the productivity and comfort of your employees.
They can even pump up the heat. The Z-Tech fan features a symmetrical design for maximum efficiency when run in reverse for winter heating applications. The TAZ fan is also equipped with a variable frequency drive for maximum year-round versatility.

Durable, efficient industrial ceiling fans with sex appeal. How can you go wrong? All that’s left is to figure out which Go Fan Yourself fan will work best for your application.

Here’s a quick run-down: For large indoor or outdoor overhead applications where moving the maximum volume of air is desired, consider our Z-Tech fan. For flexible mounting options, irregular spaces and locations where flying objects or operating equipment precludes the use of open-bladed fans, choose the TAZ fan.

Or, call us at 847-648-4920 or contact us online — and one of our industrial fan experts will be happy to shoot the breeze about your ventilation needs!