Caution: Slippery When Wet

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slips and falls are the LEADING cause of workers compensation claims and bring over 1 million visits to emergency room visits each year. And to add to that, the compensation and medical costs that are associated with employee slip and fall accidents are approximately $70 billion annually.

The battle doesn’t stop just with the physical effects of heat. Condensation is another critical issue that warehouses and manufacturers face in facilities that have no climate control systems or air movement. Condensation starts when the surface temperature is below the dewpoint temperature of the air. Water drops start to form on surfaces. Humid environments are especially susceptible to this condition.

Sweating Slab Syndrome

Oh, doesn’t that sound just delightful! SSS is a phenomenon where moisture intermittently develops on the surface of an interior concrete slab. This is a major problem for warehouses as it poses a threat to workers who can slip and fall on the slick conditions and/or puddles.

Add Movement

Large warehouse fans are an easy and affordable solution to remove condensation on floors. The forceful air flow generated by a large diameter GFY fan will remove any puddles that have formed. Large fans can also improve productivity and create an all-around safer environment. Together, all these benefits can offer a more attractive bottom line and a more efficient atmosphere with higher employee morale.

Pad Your Wallet

When considering the cost of adding Go Fan Yourself to your facility, calculate the following factors: cost of medical and workers compensation claims, loss of productivity and hiring temporary workers due to potential safety hazards caused by condensation and sweating slab syndrome.

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