Destratify with HVLS Fans


I had to add it to my Microsoft Word dictionary, but I promise you it’s not a made up word. It’s a big word for a pretty simple process.

In industry, destratification refers to air movement. It’s a process by which continuously circulating air eliminates stratified layers of temperature thus creating a safer, more comfortable and productive workplace.

Thermal Destraification

Depending on the ceiling height, most facilities can experience a 10-20-degree temperature differential from floor to ceiling and that is called a stratified building (air that has separated into levels).

Thermal Destratification is mixing the buildings internal air to remove the stratified layers of air and make it an even, uniformed temperature from floor to ceiling.

What’s the most cost and energy efficient way to achieve destratification?

Install HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans throughout the facility. A 24 foot Large Diameter Fan from Go Fan Yourself will provide effective destratification of 40,000 square feet! That’s a lot of area with 1 fan!

Bring on the Benefits of an HVLS Fan

Happy Employees
Moving air helps workers feel more comfortable because of evaporative cooling. We aren’t changing the temperature of the air with a fan but providing a cooling effect with a light breeze. In the winter, GFY fans reverse so we can provide effective destratification without producing a breeze that chills the employees.
Going Green
Our large diameter fans use LESS power than the average hair dryer! If that’s not energy efficient, I don’t know what is. HVLS fans also work well in conjunction with an HVAC system allowing for additional savings by using your HVAC system less and setting your system at either a higher/lower temp than normal. In the summer, some managers have reported that their air-conditioning unit is set for 5 degrees higher than normal because of the addition of HVLS fans. Cha-Ching to energy savings!
Save the Product
Condensation in facilities can present a major problem in damaging the product on the ground and in the shelves. HVLS fans move massive amounts of air that effectively eliminate condensation from forming on the floors or on the product. At a recent GFY installation, condensation was completely eliminated from a PA warehouse in just 24 hours!

We LOVE Proving Our Technology!

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