Discover How HVLS Fans Can Help Animals

Since their invention in the 1990s, high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans have exploded in popularity as a cost-effective, energy-efficient solution for cooling large interior spaces. From warehouses to swanky restaurants, people in many indoor environments appreciate the comfort and cost-saving benefits of HVLS fans. However, did you know that these big commercial or industrial ceiling fans were invented to help animals?

It’s true. The first building occupants to enjoy the cooling effects of HVLS fans were dairy cows. HVLS units like our TAZ and Z-Tech™ fans continue to provide many benefits to animals of all kinds.

What Kinds of Animal Care Facilities Use HVLS Fans?

If you keep or work with animals of any kind in a large interior space, an HVLS fan can help conditions stay pleasant and healthy for human and animal occupants. Some types of animal care facilities that benefit from HVLS fan installation include:

  • Barns — HVLS fans reduce risk of heat stress in dairy cows, pigs, poultry and other livestock; and keeps them comfortable year-round for improved health and increased production.
  • Stables — Horses keep cool by sweating, but when humidity gets too high and the sweat can’t evaporate they can overheat. HVLS fans create a nice, cooling breeze without kicking up a lot of dust, to protect your horses from heat stress and respiratory infection.
  • Zoos — Many exotic animals require specific temperature windows to stay healthy. Go Fan Yourself HVLS fans not only help keep these animals cool when it’s hot, they can also be run in reverse in winter to bring warm air down from under zoo enclosure ceilings to ground level where it’s needed. Mixing the air in this way helps to eliminate hot and cold spots that may affect animal comfort, and keeps zoo utility bills low.
  • Pet stores — Many retail stores are turning to HVLS fans to reduce operating costs, and pet stores are no exception. In addition to their cooling and heating applications, HVLS fans provide efficient ventilation to keep pet odors in the store to a minimum.
  • Kennels, shelters and veterinary facilities — Large animal holding facilities can get noisy as well as hot and humid. All of these conditions increase the stress that confined dogs and cats are already feeling. Unlike box fans, HVLS fans are whisper-quiet when they run. Since they’re mounted overhead (or, in some cases, as aisle fans), there are no cords to trip over or for animals to chew.


Why Is Airflow Important for Animals?

Animals need proper airflow and ventilation for optimal health. Poor airflow often leads to respiratory conditions for animals in confinement, caused by the buildup of ammonia fumes from soiled bedding and/or from accumulated humidity. Without proper ventilation, air in animal facilities can also stratify — creating stressful, overly hot or cold conditions that can harm or even kill animals.

HVLS fans are an excellent solution. They are inexpensive to operate and provide a gentle, steady flow of air to help keep temperatures constant and comfortable for the animals and their handlers without an excessive amount of stressful noise. Plus, the whole-space ventilation they provide helps keep the air in the entire facility healthy and smelling good.

How Will Your Animals Benefit From HVLS Fans?

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