Fan Wars: Another Reason To Install Large Diameter Fans

Fan Wars: Beat the Heat, Not Each Other

A veteran of the HVLS fan industry for over 10 years, Bill has stories upon stories of what he likes to call “fan wars.” Fan Wars is a term Bill has coined to describe how employees of non-air-conditioned warehouses and manufacturing facilities start boiling and overheating in the summer months and need a way to cool off. Here’s how fan wars unfold: Because many companies offer inefficient floor fans that cover very small areas, workers begin to move the fans to their station for their personal benefit, restricting the air flow to other workers. Consequently, fan wars begin.

Eliminating ALL personal fans

During another recent GFY on-site survey, the warehouse owner told Bill all floor or desk fans were being removed from work-stations due to a surge of verbal fighting between employees.

The floor fans were for designated areas, however, with three shifts of workers, the fans never stayed where intended. It was a headache for the warehouse owner.

As a replacement for the floor fans, the warehouse owner decided to install high volume low speed fans to provide an increase in airflow. In addition to a reduction in fan wars, the HVLS fans also used a fraction of the power than the previous fans did.

We checked back prior to posting, and happy to say, no more bad behavior in the summer!

Creating Safety Problems

In related news, recently a GFY rep was at a prospective customer’s site and saw a contraption that made him chuckle. An employee had taken a block of ice and set it up in front of the fan, to utilize it as a makeshift air conditioner.

While the GFY rep gave him props for being creative, there’s no doubt that puddles of water on the floor of a warehouse present a major electrical hazard that isn’t worth the reward of the cool breeze.

Lucky for us (and for them): GFY was there to rush to the rescue!

Instead of fighting each other, fight for GFY

While these stories are entertaining, it does not benefit you or your organization to be dealing with employees who are throwing punches or engaging in fan war shenanigans.

The bottom line is: Your employees are as miserable in the baking heat of the warehouse! Solve the problem, make them happy and save time and money by opting for facility-wide air movement from Go Fan Yourself.

If you are walking through your facility and see fans that have either personal names or department areas written on them, you need to call Go Fan Yourself. That scenario indicates that it has escalated to the point people are spending valuable company time defending their fan. It’s a silent call for help!

If you’ve been reading our blogs, you know we have options to help such as our Z-Tech™ Fan or the TAZ Fan. Once GFY is installed at your facility, the days of throwing haymakers will be long gone and fan wars will become folklore the old timers re-live every summer for a good laugh.