Finally Innovation in the HVLS Fan Industry

Do you even remember what a mobile phone looked like in 1995?

We all know what mobile phones look like today. Even more, they aren’t just used for calling people; they are an extension of your life with your calendar, emails, social media, camera…. The evolution of the mobile phone is simply amazing when you realize what has come and gone in the past 20 years.

Do you know what has changed in the HVLS fan industry in the past 20 years? Not much. Wait, what?

Time for a Change

The HVLS fan industry has utilized the same technology since 1995, called airfoils. These conventional airfoils actually create LESS lift while increasing frictional drag and decreasing air displacement – essentially working against the purpose of an HVLS fan. Innovation has remained stagnant in the HVLS fan industry over the last 20 years…..until NOW!

The patent-pending Z-Tech™ stepping of the blades is an enhanced form of venting which creates better air displacement. The stepped blade design allows the velocity of air-flow to move past the steps, at which point the pressure decreases and allows for a significant INCREASE in air movement.

Z-Tech™ Fan Technology Provides Year Long Use

The benefits of summer use are pretty obvious. However, because of our patent-pending technology, the Z-Tech™ fan blankets a massive area, moving air to create an expansive comfort zone of 30% MORE AIR than our competitors. As a result, an evaporative cooling effect of up to 10 degrees is achieved. You can FEEL the difference!

During the heating season in fall and winter, the fan can be run in REVERSE rotation because of the Z-Tech’s symmetrical blade which allows for true reversibility. What’s the benefit? The fan will effectively de-stratify uneven temperatures that can be in excess of 30 degrees from floor to ceiling. A 24-foot Z-Tech™ fan can effectively provide up to 40,000 square feet of destratification coverage which will in turn have the heating system cycling less frequently saving you money!

Redefine and Reinvent

At Go Fan Yourself, we set out to redefine and reinvent the HVLS fan industry. The Z-Tech fan does that and more. We are a visionary company with a commitment to innovation while providing value in the products we deliver and exceptional customer-care.

We strive to be the BEST in the fan industry. That means delivering superior products to our customers that enhance the comfort and air quality of their work environment, increase productivity, lower business operation costs and generate the peace of mind knowing they are working with a manufacturer that truly CARES and stands behind their products 100%.