Fully Utilize Industrial Fans to Enhance Business Operations

As the days grow longer and warmer, the air in many
warehouses grows hot, stagnant, and dangerous. Facilities have air quality
concerns such as condensation and chemicals in the air, in addition to the
lower productivity levels that naturally accompany rising temperatures and

Relative humidity levels beyond 50% can stimulate mold
growth, increase condensation on concrete floors and can also take on a
distinctive musty odor.

Start Moving Air

HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans will generate massive
amounts of air at low speeds that will help to correct all of the above issues
by de-stratifying the air and equalizing temperatures.

Air movement also contributes to better air quality. Air
quality can be an issue in facilities without HVLS fans, and workers have to
deal with chemicals and mold, in addition to stagnant, uncomfortable air.

By creating the right atmosphere at your facility, it will
improve your bottom line.

A healthy
workplace is a productive workplace.


Eliminate Unsafe

Imagine you’re a pallet manufacturer and the wood you use to
make your pallets is so green that after pallet assembly is complete, water
weeps from the wood, through the nail holes, and creates a puddle ¼” deep
surrounding your pallets being stored for shipment.

This creates an unsafe condition for your forklift and
pedestrian traffic. Is there anything you can do that will not increase
your process costs?

Yes! Go Fan
Yourself! Or, in this case, Go Fan Your Pallets!

The incredible amount of air movement created by a single
24’ GFY Z-Tech™ fan positioned over
the pallet storage area reduced the once ¼” puddle to an area slightly damp
buried deep in the middle of the pallet storage area.

Safety hazard averted and the cost of the full turnkey
installation was far outweighed by the benefits. Not only did this
company improve their environment, they improved their final product provided
to their customers.

All for pennies per hour to run the best HVLS fan technology in the

Go Fan Yourself has solutions for stale, stagnant air – our
products and systems help improve circulation and can provide increased
evaporative cooling, reducing respiratory problems by eliminating carbon
monoxide, mold, dust, air pollutants, fork truck fumes, welding fumes and
metal-cutting fumes.

Count on Go Fan Yourself to create a safe and healthy work
environment for your warehouse!

Contact us today to
learn more about our large industrial fan systems and how they can improve your