How to Avoid Your Warehouse Becoming Buzzfeed Fodder

Several years ago, Amazon felt their employees’ and the public’s ire when their Allentown, PA warehouse was widely reported as ill-equipped to handle the summer heat. [While wrongdoings at well-known companies make for great headlines, these heat-related incidents occur every day across the US.]

Rather than anticipating the havoc wreaked by Mother Nature (she never does that sort of thing!) and addressing potential issues with the ventilation and cooling of their facility, Amazon found themselves providing a pre-Uber service from hell, with paramedics on call for employees befallen by the oppressive heat.


Needless to say, the work crews in this imagination-defying scenario were overheated, unhappy, and unhealthy. At the heart of Amazon’s self-inflicted wounds lay their lack of proactivity.

While we assume industry-leading tech companies think differently – it’s obvious the powers that were at this Amazon warehouse were not thinking differently enough about the environment they were creating for their workers.

We hate to harp, but it does not have to be this way.

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans may not be top of mind when it comes to the health and morale of your staff, but they provide a huge boost in making your people content, comfortable, capable, and most of all, cool.

And happy, healthy employees in a comfortable environment provide many benefits – including keeping your company from landing on the home page of every news organization in the country – in a highly unflattering light.