Introducing Our New Product: ReCircuLite™

Does your office, retail space or workshop feel stuffy? Is it poorly lit? Does your building have drop ceilings that affect airflow? Conditions like these can make a work environment feel oppressive; and can contribute to employee absenteeism, high employee turnover, reduced productivity and decreased sales.

In these kinds of spaces, which lack light and proper airflow, it isn’t always practical to install both a ceiling fan and adequate lighting. But now, you don’t have to choose. Our new product, ReCircuLite™, is an all-in-one office lighting fixture that combines high-efficiency lighting with effective recirculation fan units for an easy one-step solution to brighten and freshen your workspace.

Why Combine an LED Light and Fan?

Every work area needs proper lighting and airflow. However, it can sometimes be difficult to achieve adequate lighting and ventilation. For instance, in a smaller space, there may not be room to install both a high-quality light fixture and a ventilation fan.

Budget, too, can be a factor. When you are looking at the purchase price and installation fees for two separate fixtures, the cost can add up.

ReCircuLite™ is a cost- and space-saving fan with light that takes care of two of your most pressing workspace needs at the same time. We start with a high-quality, fully dimmable, energy-efficient commercial LED lighting fixture in your choice of size and a wide range of LED wattage/lumen options to meet your lighting needs. Then, we add five rugged variable-speed axial circulation fan units per fixture, to provide refreshing cooling and ventilating capability.

The result? A one-stop solution for stuffy, poorly lit spaces. As a bonus, the innovative thermal management features built into the fixture help extend the life expectancy of the already long-lasting LED bulbs, so you will enjoy the benefit of reduced building maintenance, too!

End ‘Drop Ceiling Syndrome’ in Your Office or Retail Area

Drop ceilings are a common feature in many buildings, but they can create airflow problems due to the permeability of the ceiling tiles and the location of air returns. This can lead to issues ranging from hot and cold spots to noxious odors to unwanted exhaust fumes entering the workspace. Rooms with drop ceilings are usually also outfitted with fluorescent lighting that often emits an unpleasant quality of light and/or irritating humming or buzzing noises.

We specifically designed ReCircuLite™ to address the problems experienced in rooms with drop ceilings. In one easy step, this LED fan will refresh and illuminate your work or retail space and make it an inviting and productive place to work or shop. And, at just +/-30 decibels, ReCircuLite™ is literally whisper-quiet, for a peaceful indoor environment that supports efficiency and well-being.

Questions About ReCircuLite™?

Want to know more about how ReCircuLite™ room circulation fan and light can meet your specific lighting and ventilation needs? Contact us here to get in touch!