Large Fans Keep Air Moving

90-degree day with no breeze? Absolutely miserable.
90-degree day with a breeze? Instant relief from feeling absolutely miserable.

Enter Z-Tech™ Fans from Go Fan Yourself. They are built specifically to cover large floor areas with constantly moving airflows and resulting in a blanketing a massive comfort zone with an evaporative cooling effect of up to 10-degrees.

Productivity Loss

Over-heated workers usually will mean less productive workers. Studies show that in a warehouse environment over 77°F will cost up to 2% in productivity for every increased degree.

For facilities that are at 87°F, you’re looking at a loss of 20% productivity.

Loss of productivity reaches 40% when temperatures hit 97°F.

Yikes! That could be extremely detrimental to the companies bottom line. When employees are working in hot, stale and stagnant air, their morale decreases along with motivation and also can lead to major errors in order picking and decision making as noted above.

Move Some Air

According to the American Lung Association, poor ventilation is a contributing factor to the spread of bacteria and viruses. Proper ventilation limits moisture that fosters the growth of bacteria and viruses transmitting between employees. Reducing moisture accumulation also limits the growth of mold, dust mites, and rodents.

Go Fan Yourself’s Z-Tech™ Fans will provide consistent air movement that is needed to keep employees feeling cool and staying productive as well as removing any moisture accumulation in your facility.

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