Preventing Sweating Slabs Syndrome In Airplane Hangars

Airplane hangars are made of concrete slabs and tall metal walls, with slightly pitched or arched metal roofs. Pretty simple, right? But without adequate moisture control in this wide open space, you’ll also find these costly problems:

Sweating slab syndrome — and the injuries caused by it
Rust, rot and corrosion — and the problems caused by them

Within your hangar, temperatures often fluctuate, cooling at night and heating in the daytime.The problem is, the air within your hangar heats fast once the sun starts to beat on your hangar roof, while your concrete slab floor can stay cool for hours. When the warm, moisture-laden air contacts the cool concrete, it creates condensation — and there you have it, sweating slab syndrome.

Condensation on your hangar floor is a huge liability. For instance, did you know:

Slips, trips and falls account for nearly 20 percent of job-related injuries.
85 percent of all workers compensation claims are directly attributed to slipping on slick floors.
OSHA reports that the majority of slip, trip and fall accidents are preventable.
The best way to prevent falls is to remove the cause.

What’s a hangar manager to do?

Eliminate Sweating Slab Syndrome With an HVLS Hangar Fan

Go Fan Yourself (GFY) is the industry leader in HVLS ceiling fans. We use patent-pending, cutting-edge technology to deliver the best air movement and quality control systems for industrial settings.

A GFY HVLS fan pushes large volumes of warm air downward, warming the concrete of your hangar floor to reduce the temperature differential, and providing massive airflow to evaporate any moisture that condenses before it puddles. Drier floors = fewer falls. Safety hazard controlled – CHECK!

Our large industrial ceiling fans can help protect equipment and items stored in your hangar, as well. The increased air flow and evaporative effect of a GFY HVLS fan means less moisture to cause rust and corrosion on tools and airplane parts. You may also find that you can once again store crates and boxes on the floor without the risk of them becoming damp.

More Reasons to Consider an HVLS Fan for Your Hangar

Reducing condensation isn’t the only reason to install a GFY fan in your airplane hangar. You may also enjoy the following benefits:

Our technology is fully compatible with your current HVAC system.
One fan can lower your energy bill up to 30 percent in winter and 16 percent in summer.
Our fans improve comfort for mechanics and hangar employees.
Birds don’t like the motion of ceiling fans, so you will likely experience fewer problems with pigeons and other avian guests.

If you are currently experiencing moisture issues in your hangar, don’t let this serious safety and efficiency issue go on any longer. Give us a call today at 847-648-4920 — or contact us here to learn more about controlling sweating slab syndrome with GFY HVLS fans.