Stay Cool and Save Money with HVLS Fans

Trying to keep a warehouse cool in the summer without air-conditioning is like trying to keep a kid out of a candy store… pretty much impossible. Unless you have HVLS Fans from Go Fan Yourself.

Many warehouses are not privy to the luxury of cooled air. Why?

Massive Size!

While warehouses can range in tens and hundreds of thousands of square feet, most employees work in a few concentrated areas such as receiving and shipping. Since workers aren’t spread throughout the facility, the cost to provide cooled air or forced heat is a staggering cost that companies cannot justify.
Adding Z-Tech™ Fans to the specific working areas in a warehouse is incredibly energy and cost efficient and helps provide either the much-needed cooling effect relief to the workers in the summer months and will also properly destratify the air in the winter months by running in reverse and not create a wind chill effect that other fans that have to run in forward motion experience.
The HVLS fan helps evenly distribute the air eliminating stratified layers of air and creating a more even temperature from floor to ceiling.

Oh, Your Warehouse Has Air-Conditioning?

Well lucky you… but perhaps you are not too lucky as you may be the one footing that astronomical bill every month to the energy company. Did I mention that HVLS fans work fantastically with an HVAC system?

We have found that many facilities are able to set their temperature at a higher temp during the summer due to the consistent air movement from a GFY fan and are also able to keep their thermostats lower than normal during the winter months because of the reversible technology the Large Diameter Fan offers. This leads to measurable cost savings that can’t be ignored.

For many warehouse workers, there is no relief on the floor. This leads to lower productivity and employee
morale and generally makes everyone pretty miserable. If your warehouse is struggling to keep its cool,
consider commercial grade ceiling fans from Go Fan Yourself to improve warehouse

Be the workplace hero and contact GFY today!