The Future of Air Movement

It’s finally here… the FUTURE of air movement!!!

Go Fan Yourself has combined cutting-edge, patent-pending technology along with a modern industrial design to provide the largest HVLS Fan coverage area – setting NEW standards in the industry.

Z-Tech™ is a stepped symmetrical blade that dramatically reduces the frictional resistance and drag while greatly INCREASING the air displacement and thrust. The stepped blades stay in contact with the air while naturally creating and generating more air-flow and displacement.

Meet the Z-Tech™ Fan.

The Z-Tech™ Fan is built specifically to handle maximum floor areas and will perform well in high moisture areas. These heavy-duty, high performance fans are perfect for winter heating, summer cooling and to reduce condensation. Go Fan Yourself offers a lifetime warranty on the blades and hub and mounting system, along with a 15-year warranty on the motor, gearbox and controller.

FAN-tastic Specs:

425,000 CFM Output – 30% more
coverage compared to other HVLS fans in the market.
Forward AND Reverse Rotation – True
Pitched Hub ELIMINATES “dead zone” under the fan

Our customer’s highest satisfaction is our ultimate goal –you deserve the BEST! The proof is in the air – you can see and FEEL the GFY difference.

“Go Fan Yourself raises the industry standard previously set for both air movement and destratification,” said Bill Carlson, Go Fan Yourself CEO. “We are always looking create – even what may seem impossible, and improve upon our best efforts. We aspire to deliver the most innovative products to our customers.”

Take the “Big Fan Challenge” to see and feel the GFY difference and prepare to be blown away.

We say “Go Fan Yourself” to the competition – we are confident you will too! Yes, we ARE different…. And that’s really COOL!