The Low Down on Industrial Fans

First of all, you need to determine your ventilation needs. There are two main types of industrial fans: axial and centrifugal. Centrifugal fans, also known as blowers, typically expel air at a 90-degree angle from the air intake. They are best used in situations where a high airflow rate and high pressure of airflow is required, such as in filtration systems or for drying purposes.

Axial fans, on the other hand, excel at general purpose cooling and ventilation applications. Axial fans use propeller-shaped blades and a drive shaft to move air straight through the fan. They move comparatively larger volumes of air at lower air pressure and typically are more energy efficient than centrifugal fans.

If you are looking for large aisle fans or large ceiling fans to cool and/or destratify the air in your large building, an axial fan is for you. Specifically, you most likely need a high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fan. HVLS fans are mechanical fans that measure 7 feet or more in diameter. They move larger volumes of air at a low rotational speed to provide efficient ventilation of large spaces without creating annoying wind effects.

We offer two styles of HVLS axial fans for use in warehouses, recreational facilities, manufacturing areas, and other large commercial and retail interior sites:

•Our Z-Tech™ Fan Fan moves 425,000 CFM and provides a cooling effect of up to 10 degrees. Our unique, patent-pending Z-Tech™ blade design provides the largest coverage and air flow volume in the industry. In addition, its design enables the Z-Tech™ Fan to reverse direction. This allows you to easily switch from a cooling downdraft in the summer to an updraft for efficient winter heating. And, it’s virtually maintenance-free!
•Our 7-ft. TAZ Fan is a great choice for applications not suitable for an exposed propeller fan. Its corrosion-resistant fiberglass housing protects it from interference from nearby suspended infrastructure or moving objects. The lightweight TAZ Fan has a variable frequency drive and can move 80,000 CFM while reducing heating and cooling costs by up to 40 percent!

Our large industrial fans are invaluable for improving indoor air quality, reducing condensation, increasing employee comfort and productivity, and reducing heating and cooling costs in your large indoor structure. Whether you are looking for large aisle fans, large ceiling fans, or HVLS fans suitable for mounting on a pole or column, contact us today to find out more about how we can help you achieve your ventilation goals.