The Necessity Of Air Circulation And Ventilation In Agriculture

Keeping your livestock happy and healthy is key to good production. In addition to proper feeding and access to water, animals need fresh air at all times to promote optimal growth and help prevent disease.

Air quality in barns and other indoor agricultural environments can become compromised in many ways:

  • Overly moist indoor air can lead to unhealthy mold growth in bedding and feed, contribute to fungal and/or bacterial diseases such as foot rot, and create dangerous, slippery conditions in barns and other facilities. Humid conditions also make heat stress more likely.
  • Air stratification in barns and other large agricultural buildings can result in pockets of overly hot or cold air, and make these buildings difficult and expensive to heat and cool.
  • Fumes from exhaust and/or animal waste, pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, and excessive dust and dirt often accumulate in poorly ventilated air. Such air is extremely unhealthy both for animals and for the people who work with them.


HVLS fans are an ideal solution for all of these air circulation issues. An HVLS fan is designed to create slow-moving columns of air to gently and effectively ventilate large spaces and diffuse stratified layers of air. Their evaporative cooling effect helps to reduce moisture levels in the air and keep livestock comfortable so they are less likely to suffer the devastating effects of heat stress. Unlike low-volume, high-speed (LVHS) fans, HVLS fans don’t blow things around. They operate quietly even on startup, to provide your livestock the calm, low-stress environment they need for optimal health and productivity.

Save Money With HVLS Agricultural Fans

Lower vet bills and higher livestock productivity aren’t the only ways HVLS agricultural fans can help to improve your bottom line. They can also help save you money on energy bills.

Compared with an LVHS fan, a VividAir HVLS fan uses 80 percent less power to ventilate your barn or other building. Because it can move so much more air, one HVLS fan can do the job of multiple LVHS fans. And it can do so with extreme energy efficiency: Even our largest fan (24 feet) runs on only 3.15 amps.

HVLS Circulation Fans for Agriculture

VividAir has been manufacturing HVLS agricultural fans for over a decade, and our staff collectively has more than 75 years of experience in helping our customers find the ideal fan solutions for their applications. If you are looking for a high-quality agricultural ventilation fan, consider the following options:

  • Z-Tech™ Fan: Looking for something big for a barn or arena? Look no farther than the Z-Tech™. With blade diameters from 8 feet to 24 feet, it’s a cost-effective way to keep a lot of air flowing clear. Learn more
  • Z-Tech3™ Fan: Think of it as Z-Tech™ Light. This budget-friendly fan provides excellent coverage and cooling capability in a slimmed-down, economical HVLS fan design. Learn more
  • Z-Chill™ Fan and Diffuser System: In facilities where fans alone won’t do the trick, this combined system lets you team your HVAC system with the benefits of HVLS fans to achieve significant savings on your cooling bills. Learn more
  • TAZ Fan: Need something a little smaller? Prefer a fan with an enclosed housing? Or need to mount it vertically? The TAZ fan is for you. With airflow capacity of 80,000 CFM, just one of these babies can replace four panel-aisle fans or up to 36 basket fans, saving you money and reducing noise and distracting breezes in the barn. Learn more


All of our HVLS fans can be installed in tandem for greater coverage and are fully compatible with building automation systems.

Which HVLS Agricultural Fan Is Best for You?

To choose the best fan for your facility, we’ll need to analyze a number of factors, including building size, application, air flow and budget. Our HVLS experts are on hand and happy to help. Just call 844-874-3833 or contact us here to get started!