Tips For Cooling Warehouses In The Summer

With the heat of summer around the corner, it’s time to think about ways to keep your warehouse operations running smoothly. Many warehouses don’t have air-conditioning systems, but there are other warehouse cooling options available to keep your crew, equipment and inventory in good shape in spite of the heat.

How to Keep a Warehouse Cool in the Summer

If you’re looking for ways to cool your warehouse more efficiently this summer, here are some cost-effective ideas:

Place portable fans and air conditioners around small areas that hold the most heat or where stagnant air is a problem. Small air conditioners are helpful in smaller areas. They also cost less to purchase or rent than industrial air-conditioning units.
Dehumidifiers can reduce the moisture in the air and make the warehouse feel cooler. As a bonus, dehumidifiers will reduce condensation within the facility. This reduces the chance of slip-and-fall accidents and respiratory problems.
Machinery maintenance is important year-round, but especially in summertime. Poorly running equipment can overheat, increasing the temperature within the warehouse. Conveyor systems are notorious for creating additional heat within your facility. Keep the motors well-oiled to prevent overheating that can lead to serious accidents caused by conveyor belts that stretch or slip off track because of the increased heat.

Some practical, easy-to-implement ideas for warehouse cooling require making (sometimes costly) upgrades to your building:

Properly insulate walls and ceilings to maintain temperatures.
Install vinyl-strip curtains at dock areas to keep heat outside. Use the curtains inside to segment warmer areas from cooler areas.
Replace solid doors with screen doors in shaded areas to increase ventilation and avoid pockets of hot or stagnant air.
Install cool roofing to reduce temperature fluctuations inside the warehouse.

Blow the Competition Away

One of the best warehouse cooling solutions out there is the high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) industrial fan. These amazing warehouse cooling fans blow away the standard industrial fans that have been used for years. If you want to keep your warehouse cooler this summer, you can expect these benefits from installing an HVLS fan:

Industrial HVLS fans create up to 30 percent greater air-flow coverage than standard fans: an HVLS fan will cool a larger portion of your facility.
HVLS fans save energy and reduce expenses because they cost only about 5 cents per hour to operate.
Air-conditioning costs can be significantly reduced because HVLS fans cause destratification of warm and cool air masses within your facility, making the area feel several degrees cooler.
An HVLS fan will reduce condensation in your warehouse by moving more air at a slower rate. This movement raises the evaporation rate of moisture in the air as the warm air mixes with cooler air. Less condensation prevents rust, corrosion, mold and mildew from forming on your equipment and inventory.

Whether supplementing an air-conditioning system or working alone, HVLS fans offer many benefits year-round to save energy and money, protect the integrity of your equipment, and improve employee morale. To learn more about Go Fan Yourself’s full line of industrial fans and cooling systems, visit our website or call 844-Go-Fan-Me today.