Weekly 5 with Bill: Summer Plans

When Bill isn’t out promoting GFY with the sales team, you can find him traveling to new destinations with his family, watching sporting events and grilling in the backyard. Family is a priority for Bill. We recently caught up with him to see what he and his family have going on this summer!

Do you have any big summer plans lined up?

I hope to get the entire family together (all seven kids and my wife) and visit Disney World in Orlando, FL. My kids love Disney and now our youngest is old enough to enjoy it.

What was your best family vacation?

The Atlantis in the Bahamas. The beaches were great, the resort was out-of-this-world and they had endless amounts of activities for the kids. I wish we could go there every year

It’s a perfect Friday evening in the middle of summer. Where would we find you?

In my backyard with the kids – throwing Frisbees and footballs. They enjoy playing outside and running me into the ground!

Grill: Charcoal or Gas?

Gas – it’s perfect for busy weeknights, the heat is
more consistent and it’s easy to clean.

Swimming Pool or Lake?

Definitely swimming pool…much cleaner than a lake!