Weekly 5 with Bill: Talking Sports

A self-described sports fanatic, Bill is a big fan of professional sports. Living in Chicago has provided him with great professional teams to cheer for: the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs and White Sox.

Who is your favorite sports team in Chicago to watch and root for?

Da Bears!

Best sporting event you went to?

I attended Super Bowl XXXII (Denver Broncos vs Green Bay Packers). My wife is a die-hard Green Bay fan and while I did feel bad her team lost, I was happy Denver won. Da Bears!

What sports were you active in when you were growing up?

I played tennis, baseball and basketball. I was able to travel to Europe when I was younger to play tennis competitively and it was such a fun learning experience.

Did you have a childhood sports hero?

Yes, since I was very involved in tennis, I really admired Jimmy Connors. Jimmy is a former #1 world tennis player and is often considered one of the greatest in tennis history.

Golfing season is here! Any good tips for anyone hitting the greens soon?

Just make sure there is enough “aiming juice” in your golf cart. That always helps!