Weekly 5 with Bill: The Heat Is On

The sun is out, the temperatures are up and Bill’s on the road! He’s visiting numerous facilities to help increase air movement, productivity and employee comfort. In this edition of our Weekly 5 with Bill, we find out that if you love what you do and stay positive, the sky is the limit!

Now that summer is here, how many appointments a week fill up your calendar?

It can vary as I try to join as many appointments as possible. I’d estimate between 10-20 appointments a week in the summer.

Wow! That’s a lot! Do you find warehouse owners and facility managers wait for the weather to get hot or plan accordingly and review in the spring?

Unfortunately for the employees, most companies wait until the heat of summer hits and sets in before they pursue air movement.

Are there are lot of workplaces that have condensation problems in the summer?

Yes! We see a wide range of facilities that deal with condensation. We are able to help them completely eliminate condensation with the installation of GFY fans. (Find out how – /blog/caution-slippery-when-wet)

What has surprised you the most since you have been in the HVLS fan business?

I couldn’t believe that there were so many different applications that deal with extreme heat and also that the heat doesn’t just affect an employee’s comfort level. That’s what most people assume, but it also really impacts an employee’s productivity level which can then in turn hurt a company’s bottom line.

We know you bring so much passion and energy to work every single day. What brand of coffee do you drink? Just kidding! But seriously, what’s your secret?

My secret is Dunkin Donuts. The day can’t start without my coffee. But in all seriousness, I just love what I do and that enables the passion and energy to come out and be abundant as it is.