Why HVLS Fans Are The Better Choice

Big fans are getting popular! In all sorts of environments — from farms to retail, from warehouses and industrial spaces to theaters and restaurants — large HVLS fans are becoming an increasingly common sight. Here are a few reasons why.

Energy Saving – Major Benefit of HVLS Fans

Any property owner or manager who has them will agree: Energy savings is one of the top benefits of HVLS fans. Whether your goal is to save money or save the planet, you’ll appreciate the following energy-saving fan facts:

Low power consumption. At Go Fan Yourself, our large Z-Tech™ high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans run on just 3.15 amps of current; the Z-Tech3™ requires only 2. This means very low energy bills compared to running air conditioning or even conventional fans.
Huge output. HVLS represents the most efficient fan design not just because it sips energy, but because of its massive capacity to move huge quantities of air without causing the inefficient turbulence that smaller fans do.
Destratification. One of the problems with heating and cooling large spaces is that the air tends to separate into layers. This can lead to significant HVAC inefficiencies and waste. HVLS fans effectively mix layers so that air temperatures remain even. In winter, their ability to keep warmer air down at floor level where it is needed can result in energy bill savings up to 30 percent.
Evaporative cooling. One of the most efficient fan features is the evaporative cooling effect. The movement of air helps a space feel cooler even if the temperature remains the same. Thus, when an HVLS fan is running, you can set the thermostat up to 7 degrees higher in summer and still feel just as comfortable. Since you’ll save 3-5 percent on your energy bills for every degree difference, the fans can easily save you 20-30 percent on your cooling bills.

In addition, using HVLS fans can often reduce or eliminate the need for ductwork in your building. If you are remodeling or building new, this not only reduces the embodied energy of your building, it can also save a ton of money.

HVLS Fans Raise Productivity

Studies have proven over and over that employees work faster, produce more and make fewer mistakes when they are comfortable. Happy employees also take fewer sick days and are less likely to look elsewhere for job opportunities.

HVLS fans improve workplace comfort in many ways. They can be used to:

Reduce humidity in muggy weather
Improve ventilation for fresher, healthier air
Prevent sick building syndrome
Eliminate hot and cold spots
Keep employees comfortably cool in summer and warm in winter
Reduce condensation, eliminating or reducing mold and slip hazards
HVLS Fans Look Cool

In addition to all the practical HVLS fan benefits is the fact that they just look plain awesome. Our HVLS fans are customizable! We think silver, orange and black are super cool – but so are YOUR company, school, or personal favorite color combos. How about adding your logo to the center of the hub? Our fans are whisper quiet, too!

These are just a few of the many reasons HVLS fans rock. To learn more, please contact us here.