Workplace Productivity – Beat the Heat

How well do you perform when the temperature is above 90 degrees?

If you’re like me, you start slowing down. Your reactions are slower, you move slower, you have a hard time concentrating and wait… what was I talking about again? All kidding aside, it’s just outright tough to perform and excel in sweltering conditions.

We continuously preach the importance of air movement at Go Fan Yourself as it is essential in facilities where there is no air-conditioning keeping the indoor temperature in check.

The Z-Tech™ Fan from Go Fan Yourself will provide that needed cooling sensation while consuming less power than your average hair dryer and moving up to 400,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air! If your ceiling is unable to accommodate a Z-Tech™, we offer the TAZ Fan to blast out air 100 feet on both sides, delivering a cool breeze in all directions.

Staggering Statistics

While our fans power may blow you away, this data we discuss from NASA may blow you right out of your seat and into the office of whom has buying power at your company. Why? No one likes losing money, especially the accountants, and presenting these numbers may even put them in a good mood – which is always a good thing!

“A performance study by NASA using telegraph key operators showed that in temperatures of 80 degrees F, the operator will make five errors an hour and 19 mistakes after three hours. At 90 degrees F, the operators made nine mistakes per hour — 27 after three hours. At 95 degrees F, the mistakes went to 60 in one hour and 138 in three hours. Although errors made by telegraph key operators may not be critical, this same hot environment will produce a proportional amount of errors, regardless of the task.”

Said another way, the hotter it gets, the more mistakes people make. And, the longer it is hotter, the mistakes increase.

Operative Temperature # of Mistakes per Hour # of Mistakes per 3 Hours
80°F 5 19
90°F 9 27
95°F 60 138

Grab the calculator

It seems like common sense, but many facility managers still do not understand the detrimental impact of heat on the bottom line. If you are a number-crunching guy, go ahead and crunch away. Once you calculate productivity loss per person and multiply by the total number of employees, the numbers can be shocking.

Keep checking back here for more help in BEATING THE HEAT this summer at your facility. We will take FAN-tastic care of you!

Until next time, stay cool my friends.