Are All HVLS Fans the Same?

An HVLS fan (short for high volume, low speed fan), is designed to efficiently move a significant amount of air while operating at low speeds. The large diameter of the fan and blades generates a slow moving column of air, providing consistent airflow and reducing humidity. Investing in an HVLS fan is a significant upgrade for industrial warehouses – but are all HVLS fans the same?

HVLS fans come in a variety of sizes.

While these large fan blades are the defining factor of what makes an HVLS fan, fans don’t require one specific diameter to be effective. The size of your facility, ceiling height, and any obstructions determine what fan is your best solution. VividAir’s Z-Tech fan comes in 9 standard sizes ranging from 8 to 24ft. It’s important to work with an air scientist or professional to establish the correct fan size.

HVLS fans range in number of blades.

The number of blades on an HVLS fan is also a factor. Most fans will come in 3-blade and 5-blade models. 5-blade fans are ideal for warehouses and larger facilities that require heavy duty air circulation. 3-blade fans provide a more gentle breeze and are quieter than 5-blade fans, but often require more fans to complete cooling.

HVLS fans vary in performance capabilities.

The effectiveness of an HVLS fan circulating air throughout your facility can vary. Wind speed, coverage area, cubic feet per minute of airflow, and maximum operating temperature are all important factors to consider. Dead zones – a hot, stagnant air pocket directly below the fan – are the consequence of an HVLS fan that  doesn’t utilize VividAir’s patented pitched hub technology.

HVLS fans consume different levels of power.

While all HVLS fans are energy-savers, their energy consumption varies. The type of motor – such as gearmotor or direct drive – affects how efficiently the fan runs. Links to advanced technology like HVAC and fire suppression also play a factor. Calculating the exact energy usage can be complex, which is why you want to work with an air scientist like the ones at VividAir to accurately estimate your savings.

HVLS fans come with a range of warranties.

Each manufacturer has their own set of warranties. Most HVLS fans have a 10-15 year life and require little maintenance, but it’s important to understand the level of support provided by the manufacturer if things go awry. VividAir offers a lifetime warranty on our blades and mounting system, and a range of warranties on motors and controllers.

As a facility manager, you don’t have to be an expert in air science but it’s important to partner with those who are, and the benefits are significant. The right HVLS fan for your facility means improved working conditions for employees and lower energy costs.  If you are interested in chatting with our air scientists about VividAir HVLS fans, get in touch below.