Better airflow leads to better workflow.

Thanks to VividAir’s state-of-the art products, you have no shortage of options when it comes to helping employees stay cool and happy on the floor. Stale air doesn’t discriminate. It affects all workers and industries. That’s why our cutting-edge products are designed to clear the air, no matter the space or situation.

VividAir fan


Imagine fans with the largest diameter coverage you’ve ever seen. Now look at the pictures below. Our HVLS fans are big because no matter the size of your business, they’re the perfect size for your larger than life business goals. You’ll be amazed at how our HVLS fans rotate in reverse and eliminate dead zones in areas as hot as 120+ degrees Fahrenheit.



As our engineers like to say, ‘Go big or be really really really hot.’ Powered by cutting-edge air movement technology our products are perfect for maximizing your employees’ comfort and potential.

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The cooling power of your HVAC meets the powerful distribution capabilities of our HVLS fans. The supercharging Z-CHILL is the perfect, powerful, economical solution for cooling large spaces.

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TAZ TM fan

Big time cooling has never been so compact. Or versatile. With the TAZ Fan, there’s literally no ceiling you can’t attach this powerhouse fan to.

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ConZumer TM fan

Is the comfort our products provide causing you to spend more time at work and less time at home? Not any more it’s not. With the ConZumer fan, you can enjoy our cutting edge air movement technology in your own home, shop or pole barn.

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Z-TECH3 TM fan

Good things come in smaller, but still pretty big packages. With a Z-Tech3, you’ll enjoy Z-Tech performance at a friendlier price point. Perfect for any industry and any budget.

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Our technology uses words that are as huge as our fans themselves

If you find cutting-edge science stuff riveting, you’re right at home. If you don’t, all you need to know is industry-leading tech + plus massive VividAir fans = cool, happy, hard-working employees who will speak kindly about you around the dinner table.

Z-Blade Technology
Industry-Leading Coverage Area
No Dead Zones
True Reversibility