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Going Beyond The Blade

VividAir® was established to address the shortcomings of conventional HVLS fans in the industry. To truly create more effective technology, we needed to design and manufacture products with ViviAir® intellectual property. We focused on performing at the highest level by developing solutions for inherent gaps in conventional HVLS fan design. Gaps we’ve seen first-hand with our collective 70+ years of industry experience.

We pride ourselves on building honest, authentic relationships with our clients. Yes, we sell customized air movement solutions, but we’ll always be less concerned with making the sale and more concerned with how our products improve the lives of our clients and their employees.

Our Founder

Bill Carlson
Bill Carlson
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Our technology uses words as huge as our fans themselves

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Our cutting-edge fan blade technology is the first of its kind in the industry. Based on the science of fluid dynamics, our fans generate more air turnovers and cover more square footage than any other product on the market. Ensuring a cool, safe workplace for your hardworking employees.

We offer the most comprehensive solutions to the (4) BIG Problems in the outdated HVLS industry. VividAir® HVLS fans are also heating-capable, providing a heating/cooling performance in both directions to give you dynamic control. Our HVLS fans also provide the largest coverage area in the market, giving you not only cost efficiency coverage, but a more encompassing solution to big or small spaces.

  • Industry-Leading Coverage Area
  • True Reversibility
  • No Dead Zones
  • Heating & Spot-Cooling Capable