Case Study: A Unique HVLS Fan Solution for ALDI Warehouses

Case Study: A Unique HVLS Fan Solution for ALDI Warehouses

ALDI is known for delivering excellence to consumers and proving that high quality and cost savings can coexist in today’s market. When they needed a fleet of fans for 14 distribution centers, ALDI looked no further than VividAir. Thanks to our patented technology, there’s no other HVLS fan on the market that can boast industry-leading cooling coverage and deliver power savings simultaneously. Our values matched from the start.

The Trouble With Cooling Facility Aisles

We knew from the start that ALDI required a unique cooling solution. Their facilities featured many long aisles with tall shelving and obstructed ceilings. Traditional HVLS fans struggle to fit these types of distribution centers while still moving air efficiently – sometimes even incapable of being installed properly. ALDI and its employees needed HVLS level cooling power that could navigate these challenges, span several aisles at once, and perform consistently in seasonal environments across the country. 

VividAir’s Solution

After many careful discussions between our air scientists and the team at ALDI, we developed a plan to outfit each of their 14 warehouses with VividAir TAZ fans. TAZ boasts all the industry leading benefits of our patented HVLS fan blade technology – but in a 72 in model that allows for maximum customization. We worked quickly to install multiple TAZ fans at each location. Because TAZ can be mounted flat or angled, as well as cool in either one or two directions, every distribution center was customized to ensure optimal airflow for its needs and design.

The results were immediate.

1. Concentrated, optimized airflow in high rack aisles.

ALDI’s expansive warehouses have tall racking systems that complicate air circulation. Hot air can get trapped near the ceiling, leading to uneven temperatures. Traditional cooling systems grapple with these conditions, overworking to stabilize temperatures. VividAir’s proposed solution destratifies that air. TAZ fans generate up to 135 ft of linear cooling coverage, are capable of multidirectional airflow, and move up 75,200 cubic feet of air per minute. With the help of our air scientists, strategically placed TAZ fans create forceful, direct air movement to cool both the lower and upper levels of the racks and aisles. Fans mitigate stagnant air and distribute conditioned air more effectively, resulting in increased employee comfort.

2. Operational cost savings.

ALDI is a testament to marrying high quality with affordability as a brand. When looking at fan solutions, it became clear that TAZ fans were the economical choice. One TAZ fan replaces up to 8 36” basket fans, all while using half the power. Our patented blade design allowed ALDI warehouses to not only purchase fewer fans, but also cut energy and operation costs down the line. Increased air movement and spot cooling also prevents material losses, particularly critical for a grocery chain.

3. Added safety controls.

TAZ runs with a Variable Frequency Controller (VFD) that connects to the fire alarm, immediately shutting down in the event of a fire at the distribution center. Other aisle and basket fans will run until building power fails, potentially exacerbating an emergency. TAZ fans are also installed by 4 individual anchor points, each designed to support the full weight of the fan, making physical safety no concern. Screens top and bottom add another layer of protection for employees as they navigate narrow aisles with tall racks. Additionally, with TAZ units installed out of reach, they are much less likely to be damaged by forklifts. ALDI’s employees weren’t just happy to have a more comfortable working environment – they were happy to know they were safer on the job, too.

VividAir is proud to partner with ALDI on this project. Our support won’t stop, either. Thanks to our US based manufacturing and customer service, alongside a lifetime warranty, VividAir scientists will ensure ALDI’s fleet of TAZ fans function at peak performance for years to come.