How HVLS Fans Benefit Small Businesses

Small businesses are always looking for cost-saving ideas for manufacturing, retail and office facilities. Adding high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) small business ceiling fans to any facility is an easy and cost-effective improvement. The benefits are far-reaching, beyond the walls of your business.

Does My Small Business Location Really Need an HVLS Fan?

Without a doubt, HVLS fans are suitable for almost any small business. Is your building stuffy and stagnant? Do your employees complain about dust in the air? Are uncomfortable, hot and cold drafts hampering your employees’ productivity? Are your electric bills too high? If your facility requires an energy-efficient temperature control system, a Go Fan Yourself(GFY) HVLS fan fits the bill. Most business types can benefit from a GFY HVLS fan:

Worship centers
Convention centers
Airplane hangars
HVLS Fan Benefits for Your Workspace

Go Fan Yourself (GFY) ceiling fans offer so many advantages, from restaurant comfort to warehouse cost-saving ideas:

Increased air circulation lowers the perceived temperature 8-10 degrees Fahrenheit. Some businesses find they no longer need air conditioning, which can reduce cooling costs by 40 percent. Talk about savings!
GFY provides long-term warranties on HVLS fans, typically 15 years AND the fans are low-maintenance.
With blade spans from 8 feet to 24 feet, GFY HVLS ceiling fans are sized to fit most facilities.
Go Fan Yourself’s revolutionary patented ZTech™ fans eliminate temperature stratification as they balance the temperature throughout your building, including the dead zone directly under the fan. Hot and cold spots become a thing of the past; you can get rid of those noisy, annoying floor fans. No more fighting over the thermostat!
Fans create a slow, steady movement of air, quietly removing odors, germs and dust without shuffling paperwork on the desks below.
GFY fans improve working conditions so that your employees are happier and healthier.
HVLS fans can help your business save energy and become “greener.” You may even qualify for LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) when your facility meets the required sustainability achievement rating. Furthermore, GFY ceiling fans save money by reducing both energy and maintenance costs. That’s a pretty good reward for making your facility cleaner and safer!
Introducing the GFY ReCircuLite™

Go Fan Yourself’s ZTech HVLS ReCircuLite™ small business ceiling fans offer these additional benefits:

ReCircuLite™ combines high-quality LED lighting with our money-saving fans. The LED lights are fully dim-able, and they run without flickering, buzzing or humming — so they’re virtually distraction-free.
Drop ceilings are common in small business locations, and they can hinder airflow. The ReCircuLite™ is effective in tight spaces. It doesn’t require a connection to an air conditioning system, and movement of the recirculation fan blades won’t distort the LED lights.
Air movement promotes improved indoor air quality and reduction of the spread of bacteria and virus’ that lead to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) i stagnant, enclosed office and building spaces.

Overall, GFY’s HVLS ZTech™ fans can add so much value to your small business, from happier, healthier employees to a more robust bottom line. GFY fans are easy to install, provide cost-effective temperature control year-round, and improve employee productivity.Things can only look UP with Go Fan Yourself at your ceiling!