Air Sanitation


Ray-Air purifier

Let everyone breathe easy – and safely

Every person is different, but we all need to breathe. Deliver a breath of fresh, purified air to employees with this patented air turnover powerhouse. Featuring leading-edge ultraviolet light technology that literally sanitizes the air – all while neatly mounted within the ceiling or on a wall – Ray-Air is perfect for any workspace or location where people congregate.

Ray-Air provides a safe, clean air environment while increasing productivity and reducing sickness. And with no maintenance and less than $20 dollars per year to operate, there’s no reason not to invest in everyone’s wellbeing.


Work or play from home all year round

Is the comfort our products provide causing you to spend more time at work and less time at home? Not any more it’s not. Because with the ConZumer fan, you can enjoy our cutting-edge air movement technology in your own home, shop or pole barn.

Thanks to true reversibility, you’ll experience either cool or warm air movement year round. Because you just can’t put a price on feeling comfortable, or making your neighbors jealous any time of the year.


VividAir fan

Big air movement for any space

As our engineers like to say “if there’s a ceiling, you can hang a fan from it.” The TAZ fan is the perfect air movement solution for high or obstructed ceilings that can’t accommodate a large diameter fan.

Despite its large size, our TAZ fan can fit into any industrial space. Employees will enjoy state-of-the-art cooling technology powered by Live Motion Breathing Science. No matter what floor they work on, or what roof they work under.


VividAir Z-Chill fan

If the Z-CHILL enhanced engines like it does fans, it wouldn’t be street legal

Using Live Motion Breathing Science, the Z-CHILL supercharges your fans and helps them create an incredible amount of air turnovers per minute. Z-CHILL enables your HVAC and fan to work in tandem to affordably cool every inch of your floor. First by supercharging the cooling power of your HVAC, then by using our HVLS fan to distribute the air.

This teamwork helps employees stay cool, comfortable and productive. It’s also worth noting that Z-CHILL is the only system capable of actually reducing the temperature and humidity.


Dead zones: Awesome band name; Terrible for your employees

Good things come in smaller, but still pretty big packages. With a Z-TECH3, you’ll enjoy Z-TECH performance at a friendlier price point. Perfect for any industry, and any budget.

And with a Z-TECH3, employees will enjoy the comfort they deserve wherever they’re stationed on the floor. Because even when you’re standing directly under our fans, you still feel the same as others who aren’t (no dead zones here).


VividAir fan

Round and round, all year round

Live Motion Breathing Science doesn’t just sound fancy — it is fancy. It’s how our Z-TECH fans create more air turnovers per minute than any other big fan out there.

And better yet — our fans don’t stop working. Ever. Not even on Christmas. That’s because unlike the competition, they work in reverse. So even during the cold months, they’re hard at work cutting heating costs by as much as 35%.