VividAir was established in 2014 to address the shortcomings of conventional HVLS fans in the industry. To truly be innovative we needed to design and manufacture products with our own intellectual property. We focused on performing at the highest level and created solutions for inherent gaps in conventional HVLS fan design that our customers had brought to our attention. Born from this mindset was the first industrial fan intentionally designed to go both ways, blowing away the rest of the competition.

I’m a firm believer in establishing customers who are “raving fans” and choose to do business again and again with our organization. We work every day to grow our company in a trustworthy manner that encompasses the value of integrity. Our employees are critically important to the growth of VividAir – and they share the same values that we as a company believe in.

We’re committed to providing measurable financial benefits to our customers that help make them more energy efficient. And I believe we have a responsibility to positively impact our environmental concerns – something we accomplish through the performance of our cutting-edge HVLS fans.