Top 5 Places to Install an HVLS Fan

Summer heat can wreak havoc in a number of facilities around the country. Employee morale and productivity decrease when temperatures increase, and companies also see a large percentage of absenteeism on those unbearably hot summer days.

High volume, low speed (HVLS) fans are an excellent and cost efficient way for facility managers to keep their spaces cool and comfortable for workers and the products that reside in the warehouse or manufacturing plant. HVLS fans are large in diameter (8 to 24 ft.) and move massive amounts of air at a low rotational speed.

Throughout our years surveying hot facilities, the list below are some of the places that VividAir fans are needed the most.

1. Warehouses

Warehouses can be massive in size which is why most are un-air-conditioned; however, the majority of workers are normally secluded to a few specific areas. This is a perfect scenario for HVLS fans as the fans can provide comfort and the employees will feel about 10 degrees cooler without the staggering cost of air conditioning. Even better, these fans are so energy efficient; it costs less to run than the average hair dryer!

2. Manufacturing Facilities

Safe working conditions are essential at manufacturing facilities. Almost every facility has a Safety Accident Days counter that counts the days since the last reported injury. HVLS fans can help assist keep their employees feeling cool and comfortable while also assisting in the reduction of condensation that may lead to a slip and fall accident.

3. Agriculture

HVLS fans keep people feeling cool, but animals need comfort too! For example, cow comfort is extremely critical to a dairy farm. To keep cows cool, farmers will wet them down as it’s quick and cheap. However, by adding HVLS fans, the breeze will provide an additional evaporative cooling effect by up to 10 degrees. Other great applications for HVLS fans include horse, poultry and hog barns as well as riding arenas.

4. Recreational Facilities

Walking into an indoor pool arena can take your breath away… literally! They are so hot, humid and stuffy but they don’t have to be that way! Hockey rinks, gymnasiums and even football stadiums can all greatly benefit from HVLS fans. Large diameter fans can help regulate temperatures and improve the fan experience from floor to ceiling with an even temperature distribution throughout the facility.

5. Airport Hangars

A major challenge for airport hangars besides for maintaining temperature control is the energy cost associated with maintaining temperature control. Installing HVLS fans helps reduce utility bills by mixing the air within the facility and creating a more even temperature at floor and ceiling.