What to Look for in an Industrial Ceiling Fan and Supplier

When you’re looking for an industrial fan supplier, there’s a lot of information to sift through. Is your facility suitable for high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans? What criteria should you use to evaluate potential HVLS or industrial fan suppliers? How should HVLS fans be compared?

The Air Scientists at VividAir have decades of experience answering those questions and more. From your initial consultation to our certified professional installation, we will partner with you to identify your facility’s specific needs and meet your business goals. As you evaluate potential industrial ceiling fans and suppliers with this ceiling fan buying guide, take note of a few key points to consider:

High Quality Components

High-quality components, such as robust motors, controllers, and drive systems, ensure that the HVLS fan is reliable and durable over an extended period. Components that are built to withstand the mechanical stress and strain associated with moving large ceiling fan blades provide consistent performance without frequent breakdowns or maintenance issues. VividAir has partnered with the best suppliers in the business. Our fans include:

· ABB™ Dodge Quantis Z-Tech™ Gearbox
· ABB™ Baldor-Reliance IP55 motors, Built specifically for VividAir fan applications
· Invertek controllers

VividAir prioritizes sourcing high-quality parts to manufacture our industry leading fans that are made in the USA. Because of our supplier relationships, we’re able to deliver our fans to your facility quickly, without the delays that could arise from overseas manufacturing.

Innovative Engineering

The Air Scientists at VividAir are industry leaders. We’ve researched and patented the Z-Tech™ stepped blade design that provides the largest coverage in the industry and allows for year-round operation. Our innovative engineering designs:

· perform in forward and reverse, with zero wind chill created from reverse operation,
· eliminate air-flow dead zones under the fan,
· provide up to 30% more coverage than competing HVLS fans,
· destratify air with up to 40,000 sq ft coverage.

There’s a reason that our customers return again and again. VividAir’s top rated ceiling fans are the best in the business.

Safety as the Priority

Your employees are critical to your business, and VividAir prioritizes their safety with our industry-leading strapping system design. A cast hub eliminates hardware connections for the safest, most reliable solution available, while the Z-Tech™ SS safety system provides top-of-the-line straps and brackets. Utilizing multiple custom straps with a break strength of 16,000 lbs. each, these straps easily exceed the break strength of the standard steel cable.

But we won’t just tell you that we prioritize safety – our work speaks for itself. A Z-Tech™ fan installed at a facility that experienced catastrophic tornado damage remained safely in place despite the extreme conditions.

Professional Consultation and Installation

HVLS fans come in various ceiling fan sizes, configurations, and specifications to suit different spaces and applications. A supplier with technical knowledge can accurately assess a customer’s needs, understand their specific requirements, and recommend the most suitable HVLS fan solution.

VividAir’s Air Scientists have the knowledge to provide actionable input on system design considerations, including fan placement, airflow patterns, and integration with existing HVAC systems. We want our fans to be successful in your facility, and will work to ensure that the HVLS fan functions optimally and promotes efficient airflow to maximize the benefits of the fan installation. VividAir offers certified professional installation provided by licensed electricians. Our installers receive rave reviews!

End to End Customer Experience

From your initial contact with VividAir, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Air Scientist to work with you from consultation through installation and post-sale service. We are committed to providing a smooth transition for your facility, and during the initial consultation will review your needs, gather facility information, and share our product and cost pricing options.

Next, we’ll conduct a site survey to plot optimal fan locations and provide a detailed quote based on your project goals, space, and budget. Your VividAir contact will provide regular updates on your order status once placed, and schedule a convenient time for installation.

Our team of professional installers will precisely execute the project plan and ensure your satisfaction. After installation, your VividAir contact will periodically reach out to make sure that your fans are running smoothly, have solved your problem, and are delivering the return on investment you expected. If any problems arise, VividAir stands behind our products with a lifetime warranty on the fan blades and mounting system, and a 15-year warranty on the fan’s motor, gearbox, and hub.

We are committed to your facility enjoying the benefits of HVLS fans for many years to come.