Why Choose Taz

Why Choose Taz


  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: With the same heavy duty power and patented blades as our HVLS fans, the linear cooling coverage of Taz is unmatched on the market.
  • APPLICATION DIVERSITY: Taz mounts flat or angled, making it the ideal cooling solution for aisles and mezzanines where HVLS fans can’t go. Options for singular or multidirectional air movement.
  • SIZE VARIATIONS: We supply 72 and 36 inch fans. Our air scientists will create a custom recommendation based on your facility’s needs.

Blade Design

The science of our Z-Tech blades optimized for an aisle fan, Taz provides up to 135 ft. of linear cooling coverage. 6 airflow louvers allow maximum floor coverage.

Power Saving

One fan can replace up to 4 panel fans or 8 basket fans, all while using half the power.

Safety & Warranty

Taz has 4 individual hanging anchor points with screens on the top and bottom. We offer a lifetime warranty on blades.

Taz by The Numbers

72 in., 36 in. fans

135 ft. of linear cooling coverage

Generates up to 75,200 CFM

3-year warranty on motor and controller

Lifetime warranty on blades and mounting system

Is Taz The Right Fan For You?

Is Taz The Right Fan For You?

  • Ideal replacement for panel and basket fans
  • Optimized to cool warehouse aisles
  • Solution for obstructed ceilings