Why Choose Z-Tech

Why Choose Z-Tech

Overhead: Heavy-Duty

  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: Z-Tech is a high velocity, low speed fan specifically designed to cool a wider area and generate higher air turnover per minute than any other heavy duty, overhead fan on the market.
  • HEATING AND COOLING: Symmetrical blades designed to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise reduce energy consumption and costs, all while improving air circulation and temperature consistency. Keeping employees cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • SIZE VARIATIONS: With 9 standard sizes ranging from 8 to 24 ft., our air scientists work with you directly to determine the perfect blade size and layout for your facility.

Blade Design

Our patented blade design cools 32,400 sq. ft. with a single fan. Z-Tech’s pitched hub guarantees no dead zones or hot spots, even directly below the fan.

Motor & Controller

Every controller has an on, off, and lock option. Keypads also have a Variable Frequency Drive Controller (VFD), allowing for custom speed adjustments.

Safety & Warranty

Our safety system has unparalleled break strength and can connect to existing alarm systems. Z-Tech fans come with a lifetime warranty on blades.

Z-Tech by The Numbers

24 ft., 22 ft., 20 ft., 18 ft., 16 ft., 14 ft., 12 ft., 10 ft., 8 ft. fans

Cools 32,400 sq. ft. with a single fan

Unique 20 ̊ plus blade pitch maximizes airflow

15-year warranty on motors, gearbox, and hub

Lifetime warranty on blades and mounting system

Is Z-Tech The Right Fan For You?

Is Z-Tech The Right Fan For You?

  • Facilities over 4,000 sq. ft.
  • At least 24 ft. high ceilings
  • Optimized for warehouses & manufacturing facilities