A Z-TECH fan cools a wider area and has higher air turnovers per minute than any other big fan. Ensuring a happy, comfortable workforce. You win. They win. Everyone wins.

  • (9) standard sizes is another reason VividAir® is your best choice: 24ft, 22ft, 20ft, 18ft, 16ft, 14ft, 12ft, 10ft, 8ft
  • Z-Tech™ delivers the most cooling power over the greatest coverage area
  • VividAir® Z-Technology creates more air turnovers per minute than every other big fan out there
  • VividAir® has fully partnered with ABB to build the most advanced high volume, large diameter fan on the market, using the ABB Dodge Quantis Z-Tech™ Drive

Leading-edge design elements

  • Patented Z-Tech™ stepped blade design and extreme 20˚ plus blade pitch maximizes airflow
  • Frictional resistance and drag is reduced; increasing air displacement and thrust
  • Allows the velocity of airflow to move past the steps, decreasing pressure to provide a significant increase in air movement
  • Symmetrical blade design allows for true reversibility for both cooling and heating
  • Pitched-hub design eliminates airflow dead zone at the center of the fan
  • State-of-the-art VividAir controller or optional ABB controller with wall mount keypad option
  • 15-year pro-rated warranty on motor and controller; our warranty is as unique as our fan!

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