Why Choose Z-Tech3

Why Choose Z-Tech3

Overhead: Mid-Duty

  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: The most powerful fan in its class, Z-Tech3 cools 30% more than any 3-blade HVLS fan on the market.
  • HEATING AND COOLING: Our symmetrical blades are designed with true reversibility. That means Z-Tech3 keeps facilities and employees cool in the summer while also cutting heating costs in the winter
  • SIZE VARIATIONS: With 6 standard sizes ranging from 8 to 24 ft., our air scientists work with you directly to determine the perfect blade size and layout for your facility.

Blade Design

Our patented blade design cools 19,600 sq. ft. with a single fan. Z-Tech3’s pitched hub guarantees no dead zones or hot spots, even directly below the fan.

Motor & Controller

Every controller has an on, off, and lock option. Keypads also have a Variable Frequency Drive Controller (VFD), allowing for custom speed adjustments.

Safety & Warranty

Our safety system has unparalleled break strength and can connect to existing alarm  systems. Z-Tech3 fans come with a lifetime warranty on blades.

Z-Tech3 by The Numbers

30% more coverage than 3-blade fans in its class

24 ft., 20 ft., 16 ft., 12 ft., 10 ft., 8 ft. fans.

Cools 19,600 sq. ft. with a single fan

15-year warranty on motors, gearbox, and hub

Lifetime warranty on blades and mounting system

Is Z-Tech3 The Right Fan For You?

Is Z-Tech3 The Right Fan For You?

  • Facilities over 4,000 sq. ft.
  • At least 14 ft. high ceilings
  • Quieter than Z-Tech 5-blade fans